“Happy Place Park & the Rocketship Swing” Published in Red Fez

Thanks to Red Fez Editor-in-Chief Doc Sigerson for winding down the venerable Red Fez (19 years!) with class and style. I greatly appreciate my short memoir being included in the penultimate staff appreciation issue, despite only being editor for about 3 years. Long live the Fez! https://www.redfez.net/nonfiction/newburne-happy-place-park-rocketship-swing-1029

“There Will Always Be Blood” Published in Visual Verse

Thanks to the editors at Visual Verse for once more publishing my pontifications on their monthly image. I was especially excited to write this one because the VV team made a donation of 1 pound per story to Ukrainian relief efforts. So congrats all around. Keep writing your truth. https://visualverse.org/submissions/there-will-always-be-blood/

On the Moon!

So, through no real effort of his own…Jordan now has several poems (in English & Farsi) and drawings orbiting the Earth on the Moon. Thanks, to the wonderful editor/translator/poet/entrepreneur Soodabeh Saeidnia for getting the anthology containing these pieces, Persian Sugar in English Tea, on board the Lunar Codex! https://www.lunarcodex.com/poetry?fbclid=IwAR1KgznA1HubbVTHLiRNEhy_CfB1vSRyxpkRF8hNG6wj1wq_Rqw-OIgnQgw

Atlantic Vernacular launched!

Many thanks to Craft NB for making me a part of this wide-ranging collaborative smorgasbord of Art! It was a pleasure, and honour, to use Laura Kenney’s rug “Crime Scene” as inspiration for my pantoum “Darker Shades Often Lurk.” An audio recording of my poem is also available for listening. You can even buy a... Continue Reading →

Kid Vid

Play your kids this 3-minute video featuring my 6-year-old daughter Izzy and I reading 5 of my poems for children. In collaboration with the Fredericton Public Library. Images by me, Marcel Herm, and Corenski Nowlan. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/FredLibrary/videos/684328699584779 Click link above. This is a screen capture image.

😲 Tattooed?!

A wonderful surprise happened to me on December 2nd after I delivered my poem “Speed Bumps in a Caring City” to those in attendance at the Mayor’s State of the City address. A lovely young woman named Wasiimah came up to me and told me how much my words meant to her as a queer... Continue Reading →

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