“Things We Swallowed as Children” published in BÁO GIẤY

Thanks to Khe Iem, and the editorial staff at POETRY JOURNAL IN PRINT • BÁO GIẤY for translating my "Things We Swallowed as Children into Vietnamese. I am extremely proud that my words can be read by those who speak a language other than my own. Painting by Tranh Phạm Thị Hồng Sâm

“At the Beach” Published by Drunk Monkeys

The poem Jordan wrote last summer while visiting family in Nova Scotia during the short-lived Atlantic Canada pandemic bubble is published by the excellent Drunk Monkeys. https://www.drunkmonkeys.us/2017-posts/2021/5/10/poetry-at-the-beach-jordan-trethewey https://unsplash.com/@ollivves

Two poems in Lockdown Prayers

If you’d like some pandemic perspective that you won’t find in the mainstream media, Check out “Lockdown Prayers,” the latest international anthology from editor Soodabeh Saeidnia. By the way, it contains two new claustrophobic pieces by yours truly. https://www.amazon.ca/Lockdown-Prayers-English-Anthology-Short/dp/B093RKFVRP/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=lockdown+prayers&qid=1620435071&sr=8-7

Jordan Reviews Two Books by North Carolina Poet Lisa Creech Bledsoe

Thanks to Red Fez for publishing my review of two recent poetry collections by the prolific North Carolina Poet Lisa Creech Bledsoe: Appalachian Ground (2019) and Wolf Laundry (2020) https://www.redfez.net/nonfiction/review-lisa-creech-bledsoes-appalachian-ground-wolf-laundry-978

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